Universal Knob Kit by Wilson Elements Recognised with a Good Design Award -

2015 Good Design Awards

Shortly after the release of our reboot of Universal Knob Kit we were encouraged by a respected industry peer to put the product forward for a Good Design Award which was in the process of accepting entries.

We entered Product Design - Home Appliance category  with low expectations as we were up against some of world heavy weights of the appliance industry but thought it could not hurt to enter.

So as the awards progressed and our little kit was selected as a finalist (Good Design Award Selection) and then we were chosen to receive an award we were immensely humbled, surprised and proud to be recognised for just one of the designs we have created to make service and repair of appliances easier & more cost effective.

The “Tesla Model S” took the top award. Other entries may be viewed at the Good Design Awards Web site:


When we embarked on this project three years ago with view to developing a product that not only overcame the limitations of existing attempts at universal cooker knobs. Which we viewed as being of poor quality finish, poorly packaged, limited in function and restricted in sizes and finishes. Our goal  was  to additionally offer a great value improvement or upgrade on many of the original knobs that may have been fitted to the appliance.

The recognition in the Good Design Award is testament that we achieved those goals (and to the best of our knowledge we are the first “spares” company to win one) and offers substantial assistance in supporting sales by reinforcing our value proposition, positively differentiating our Universal Knob Kit from lesser offerings that you are all familiar with.

Sales so far have proved that the market for a quality and an aesthetically pleasing design was substantial and not being serviced by the otherwise available offerings.

Further, new market segments are showing interest that reflect the versatility and quality of the design with OEM, BBQ and colour customisation amongst some of the areas offering significant potential. So with innovation and continued improvement being part of Wilson Elements DNA we are committed to continuing to develop the product as well as new markets for the concept and we look forward to working with our distribution partners to achieve this.

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