New Partnership For Growth

Wilson Elements is pleased to announce the majority aquisition by Nibe Industrier AB

From humble origins in the service industry, Wilson Elements is Australia’s fastest growing heating company delivering an innovation & quality commitment in over 90,000 units shipped per year to Australia & the world.

Committed to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction by using a  can do approach retained from its’ small business origins & dedication to adding value for it’s customers by brining innovative approaches to an industry otherwise content to doing business as they always done things.

Teamed with world class manufacturing partners Wilson Elements has earned an enviable reputation for value & reliability as part of it’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The same innovative approach & technical skills that has made Wilson Elements Australia’s fastest growing element based component supplier are used by Australia’s leading brands to improve service delivery and brand image.

Today Wilson Elements continues to leverage its service background to deliver innovative service solutions with several significant new product launches in the coming months.


Founders Edwin & Ron Wilson With Stefan Eriksson

Founders Edwin & Ron Wilson With Stefan Eriksson


1996 Developed the first Universal Service Replacement.

2003 Began supply of elements under the Wilson brand and continued to develop multi-fit service components.

2006 Exclusive distributor of Diamond H energy control & thermostats

2006 Began sourcing through Backer BHV AB subsidiary Shel-Nibe with significant quality improvements combined with further development of innovative products lead to significant market share gains.

2009 Partnered with Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd for distribution to the appliance service market for Wilson Elements & their OEM brand heaters for Australian & New Zealand.

2014 Acquired by Backer BHV AB With today’s acquisition the Backer –Wilson partnership offers the significant growth potential that comes with service & local market focus combined with world leading technical  & manufacturing capabilities that Baker commands.

This bridgehead into the Australasian market offers significant opportunity to leverage the existing NIBE Element range of products into a market that remains substantially underdeveloped within the group.

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