"Necessity is the mother of invention."


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Where it started, our origiinal CO-01 design replaced nearly 100 elements in one .

Not satisfied with being just another copycat we set our goal to be better than the original !

Wilson Elements began with a simple idea about how to make service of cookers easier for technican & customer. Expanding from our orginal universal oven element design we now supply a range of innovative service products designed to make appliance repair easier & more economical.

Today our Wilson Elements brand universal range has expanded to include oven fan elements,oven fan motors, controls and we will be soon launching universal grill & concealed elements as well as a range of cooker knobs.

Key advantages

  • Improved customer satisfaction by fixing on the spot.
  • Fix more whilst carrying less stock and reducing unecessary travel.
  • Usually more cost effective than original replacement part.
  • Industry leading quality reducing recall rates.
  • Better quality & design than than original.

Download our latest catalogue here or contact us regarding your requirement.

Wilson Elements now supplies a range of Elements, Controls and accessories to the appliance service market.