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Unit 2, 22 Loyalty Road
North Rocks NSW 2151

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Australias leading supplier of quality elements to leading brands & service companies.


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Our knob project

Edwin wilson

After 2 years in development our Universal Knob Kit is getting close to launch.

Sourcing the right cooker knob when they are broken or worn out is problematic for customer & supplier alike.

Although not inventing the universal knob we certainly thought there was enormous room for improvement on the existing offerings, which we considered was a great idea poorly implemented. Ugly, cheap and inflexible.

Our aim was to produce a cost effective but attractive solution to what we considered was a poorly serviced market.

Our development goals were:-

Had to look the part on a modern appliance :- All the existing designs we thought looked ugly (including a lot of OEM knobs we found in our research)  With a little effort why not design a solution that improved the appliances appearance.   Our simple yet modern design, using superior materials and high quality finishes we hope has achieved this whilst still keeping costs economical. 

Give the customer the choice. :-  Unlike all the existing designs we give the customer a  choice of  5 sizes so as to perfectly match the appliance. from a tiny 30 mm to 55mm.     Our design also gives the choice of two contrasting indicators for cosmetic or visual clarity considerations. Customers can also choose high gloss white or black or a premium Nickel plated stainless steel finish at launch however we expect to release a red and other lifestyle colour choices

Wilson innovative features. :- Our patented adaptor system allows the customer to choose between a flush ( adaptor resides entirely within the knob housing) or 10mm proud (adaptor extends 10mm from the knob)  to fit deeper into the appliance.  We have also included a gas ignition collar and a 20mm extended adaptor. This means our kit will fit and function properly where existing solutions wont.

If you would like to know more, offer feedback or like to register your interest we would be happy to hear from you.